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We are Proud to Be The ONLY Platinum Provider of Invisalign® in Vancouver, WA!

Dr. Gretchen Schnepper DDS, MS, has been setting the highest standards of excellence in orthodontics for over 11 years. She is the only Platinum (formerly ‘Elite’) provider of Invisalign® in the area and is ranked in the top 15% in the United States. Dr. Gretchen and her team are known for their mastery of very sophisticated technology, attention to detail and friendly service to keep patients’ families coming back for years.

Whether you are an adult or a teen, Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® offer a discreet way to get the straight smile you have always wanted, without braces. The clear aligners are designed with SmartTrack® material to move teeth with the right amount of pressure at the right time. The results are amazing!

Why Invisalign®?

Virtually invisible: most won’t even notice that you’re wearing them, making Invisalign a seamless fit with your lifestyle

Greater comfort: easy to brush and floss, no metal wires or bands and no dietary restrictions

Up to 50% faster: on average it takes about 12 months for adults, and treatment time for a teen varies and will be determined by Dr. Schnepper

Custom-made: customized options for each patient’s smile and a comfortable fit

Unique feature for teens: clear aligners contain compliance indicators that fade from blue to clear to help gauge wear time

Credible: no other clear aligner is backed by the data and experience of 5 million cases, and the number of Invisalign smiles grows daily

Rewarding: Invisalign has a more than 96% patient satisfaction rate.

Dr. Schnepper has an eye for beauty, I have gone so far as to call her an artist. She was able to use Invisalign to improve the functionality and appearance of my teeth. I am very happy with the outcome of my treatment.” (Erika C.)

Call Dr. Schnepper’s practice today at 360-260-5113 for a FREE Invisalign treatment consultation. Find out how the advanced Invisalign system can now give you the smile you want up to 50% faster.

Visit to book your appointment online.

Contest: Where in the world is Dr. Gretchen?

Summer time is here and so is our next contest and it’s all about travel and selfies and #social media!

Take selfies with Dr. Gretchen & enter to win a GOPRO Hero 5 Black Edition!

Whether you are going near or far take Dr. Gretchen on your summer vacation! Use your imagination! The most creative photos will win great gear!  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see submissions for the contest. Don’t worry if you don’t follow us yet, we’ve provided the links at the bottom of this post for you to click on, like us and then you’re on your way!  We will be updating those with photos that are submitted. You will see fun ideas and you might even see your fun selfie with Dr Gretchen 😉


1.  Print this photo at the bottom of the page of Dr. Gretchen or pick up a picture at our office. Cut out the photo and attach it to a stick (we used Popsicle sticks but you can use what ever you want)

2. Take Dr. Gretchen with you on all your summer adventures.

3.  Tag us in your photo AND use #WhereInTheWorldIsDrGretchen on social media by August 31st 2017 to be eligible to win 1 of 2 great prizes.  Each photo you tag us in will be entered into our contest.


Most Creative: GOPRO Hero 5 Black Edition

Staff Pick: Beats Headphones


Please call our office at 360.260.5113 if you have any questions at all about this contest. We are more than happy to help in any way.

Happy travels and selfies and smiles 😉

*By submitting a photo for this contest you authorize The Modern Orthodontist to use your photo

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Braces are life changing!

close up dr photo 3-2014

Every once in a while I come across a review that hits me in the feels. 

This review is one that got me right where my heart is. There are so many reasons why we do what we do here at the modern orthodontist.  Some patients have strong clinical reasons for needing braces and correction. Some patients have a very clear esthetic reason for wanting braces. Most of the time patients have both, a clinical need as well as esthetic.  As a side note, I googled what “esthetic” means… I think you’ll appreciate this as much as I did…. “a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement”  That is exactly what Dr Schnepper is. She’s an artist who creates beautiful smiles! That’s so cool!

As you read the review below you will see that these kids had both. What a life changing experience for them to have braces and feel so much more confident in themselves.  I hope you enjoy the review as much as we did.


“For those looking for a caring and family friendly orthodontist then I highly recommend modern orthodontist.  I had children who had teeth that were so bad that they were embarrassed to smile for any kind of photos. The people here treated my children with kindness and compassion and now a days that’s becoming a rarity.  I will always be a champion for them and recommend them highly.”


Do you know someone who needs braces? share this blog with them.  At the modern orthodontist we deliver exceptional care and connect with each of our patients. When you’re here, you’re family!

love from the whole staff 😉


Catch a FREE concert at Esther Short Park

“Free Concerts at Esther Short Park”   says the city of Vancouver.

Concerts take place from 6-8pm on Thursday Evenings. While parking isn’t free the concert is. Below is the info on parking and the concert line-up.

Esther Short Park

W. 8th & Columbia

Vancouver, WA

Parking Downtown: On-Street and Off-Street Options. On-Street Parking Options:

The City offers a variety of on-street parking options in downtown Vancouver for visitors, customers, employees and residents, including coin-operated parking meters and card and coin-operated green paystations.

Parking Meters (coins only)

  • 15-minute (yellow label)
  • 30-minute (red label)
  • 1-hour (green label)
  • 90-minute (black label)
  • 2-hour (blue label)
  • 3-hour (orange label)
  • 5-hour (silver/white)
  • 10-hour (silver/white)

Concerts take place from 6 – 8 p.m. Parking is available at the Vancouver center garage at 601 Columbia St.

The Lineup

Thursday, July 7: NU SHOOZ

NU Shooz played their first gig on June, 21 1979 at Col. Summers Park, Portland Oregon. In 1986 their single “I Can’t Wait” reaches #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Their second single “Point of No Return” reaches #28. The album Poolside was certified Gold by the RIAA.

Thursday, July 14: Petty Fever

Named Tribute Band of the Year two years in a row, Petty Fever provides a stunning salute to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, performing over three decades of hits such as American Girl, Free Falling, Breakdown, Running Down a Dream, I Won’t Back Down and many more.

Thursday, July 21: Dancehall Days

With performances in 2015 at San Francisco Ritz Carlton, Nassau Bahamas and Sun Valley Resort the word is out, Dancehall Days is a powerhouse. Performing a wide range of both classic and modern hits, they offer a high-energy experience.

Thursday, July 28: Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

This year The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra celebrates thirty-seven years of providing symphonic music to the community. Its success is due to the talent and commitment of the early conductors and musicians who provided its foundation. Music Director and Conductor Salvador Brotons is in his 25th season with The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

Thursday, August 4: Patrick Lamb

Patrick Lamb regularly tours the the world or performs as the ‘saxophonist to the stars’ with with Grammy winners and luminaries like Gino Vannelli, Bobby Caldwell, Jeff Lorber Fusion, Tommy Thayer, Diane Schuur, Bobby Kimball, Alice Cooper, and Smokey Robinson, showing that Patrick is comfortable wherever music may take him.

Thursday, August 11: Stone In Love

Stone in Love performs faithful renditions of classic hits from one of the most beloved rock groups of all time… Journey. Their high energy performance showcases all the hallmarks of the Journey sound – soaring lead vocals, lush four-part harmonies, signature guitar licks, fat keyboards, and driving rhythms.

concert series Esther Short Park 2016
concert series Esther Short Park 2016



Free and Low-Cost Family Activities for summertime in our own community

family hiking community/         columbiagorgecommunity/       

We live in the great PNW and in a fun community with so many outdoor options!

One of the many reasons why my family moved to Vancouver was because of the abundance of recreational and community activities readily available. Summertime is a time of adventure and outdoor learning. The kids spend so much time indoors while school is in session.. take the opportunity to learn something outdoors. Take a walk, hike a path, swim a lake, fish a pond. But whatever you choose, be safe and be smart and on a hot day, bring LOTS of water.

There are so many fun things to do and see in our beautiful part of the world. Lucky these are all BRACES FRIENDLY (would we ever post something that wasn’t!??!) and in our community so you don’t have to travel far.

Below is a great list of ideas that are either free or low-cost for families or individuals!


Check back next week for an update on Educational Fun that can be had around town 😉

One of the many reasons why my family moved to Vancouver was because of the abundance of recreational and community activities readily available. Summertime is a time of adventure and outdoor learning. The kids spend so much time indoors while school is in session.. take the opportunity to learn something outdoors. Take a walk, hike a path, swim a lake, fish a pond. But whatever you choose, be safe and be smart and on a hot day, bring LOTS of water.

Retainer vs. Raccoons

I think that I may have trouble telling you this story since I was not there the whole time. So, because I do not wish to bore you with my musings of what might have happened or could have been, I think that I shall pass the pen over to my retainer itself to tell you of its exploits….

“It all began right after my lunch, my wearer had taken me (i’m a retainer) out of her mouth and placed me on the table while she ate”

All of this struggle could have been avoided had she but remembered to put me back in. Unfortunately for both of us, she forgot.  About an hour later her mother decided that the tablecloth was dirty and should be shaken out. So with that pretense, she took everything off of it (at least she thought she had) and carried it outside and shook it off on the porch. I went sailing through the air and landed, thud, on the deck near the steps.  She did not see me and went back inside with the tablecloth, shutting the door behind her. I lay there all day unnoticed, for indeed nobody had seen me, neither was I missed.

At last the hours were spent.

It was dark. The time had come again for my owner to give me a bath, scrub me clean, place me back into her mouth and head off into dreamland. I think that was when she missed me. I could dimly hear the sound of her feet, as she desperately scoured the entire house, looking for me. I wished there was some way I could summon her by saying, “Hey, I’m right here! On the porch! I’m fine! Come get me!”  I had to have lain there for at least half an hour before her father returned home, walking right past me, and joined in the search. At last, far into the night, everyone gave up, temporarily, and crawled into their beds for some rest.
But there was no rest in store for me this night. Soon after the house retreated into darkness, out of the forest came 2 of the cutest, most devious bandits I have ever seen. They ran up onto the porch together, playing with the water and their favorite little white shell, and each other. Then I was spotted. Their little eyes glittered with mischievousness as they ran at me, scooped me up, and felt me all over with their soft, hand like paws. I could feel them carrying me over to their “pond”. Next thing I know I’m under the water. Whao! That was cold!  I used to dislike getting bathed by my mistress. But that was like being in a Jacuzzi compared to this! I was dunked, washed and scrubbed with algae. They were not especially gentle with me so I knew that sooner than later I would weaken. At last, I could take it no longer! The stress was too great! I cracked. After that I do not remember much. Although I have reason to believe that they soon tired of me, laid me down, and scampered back into the trees. At last, maybe I could rest!

The rest of the night, though chilly, was much more pleasant than the hours before. I awakened the next morning to the sight of my mistresses father’s huge feet clomping past me on his way to work. He never saw me. Later I heard my mistress and her mother once again looking for me. Then, to my great relief, I heard her mother tell her about what she had done with the tablecloth. I heard feet coming toward me and the door creak open. A happy gasp and squeal of joy burst through the early morning air as I found myself once again in my mistresses hands. Although she scrubbed me thoroughly (I don’t think she likes the taste of algae) I didn’t mind quite as much as I usually did. What a joy it was to be back home where I belonged.”


  • B. Houtchens

(Just to give you a little background, the person who wrote this article is an actual orthodontic patient of ours. She had her braces taken off a few weeks prior to this story. She was instructed to keep her retainer in her mouth at all times, except when eating. We instruct our patients that when they take it out to eat they must put their retainer into a retainer holder to keep it safe.  More retainers are lost each year to being “thrown out” with the table trash.  When the patient called us and explained to us what happened we offered her the chance to write her story down so others can learn from her mishandling.  If the patient agrees to write their story then we offer them 1/2 off the new retainer fee. This story above is an actual exact copy of her very cleverly written essay.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. She got 1/2 off on her retainer fee and a good laugh from us (and a blog post).  HA!)


4th Annual Spring Art Show featuring our local middle schools

The Art Show opens on Friday April 28th

Opening night will be from 5pm – 8pm.  Light hors d’oeuvres will be served.

Art will remain on display until May 26th


April 28th will be a night for the middle school kids to remember.  They will walk into our modern practice and see their art displayed for all to see. How many kids their age can say they are “showing artists?” Well, now these students from our local middle schools can say they are. I say this qualifies for bragging rights!!!  The students are working hard and will surely wow our guests with the one of a kind masterpieces they are creating. One art teacher contacted us to ask if her student can display some small sculptures he has created out of beeswax (from the bee’s he raises!) and of course we said YES! We can’t wait to see what he is creating 😉  This is what our Art Show is all about. We love showcasing how young artists use various mediums, in various ways, to create a wonderfully diverse show.

We are so excited to partner with Jason Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Alki, Vancouver School of Arts and Academics, Mcloughlin, Gaiser Middle School and Cedar Tree Classical Christian.

This is a great family event so bring ’em all down. The more the merrier. We want to show these students what hard work can produce. So invite your friends, co workers, family, etc to come to The Modern Orthodontist on opening night or any time within the subsequent 30 days and you will be amazed at the art you see.   FYI, some of the art that will be displayed will be for sale.  100% of the proceeds go to the artists.

                   SAVE THE DATE 

  • Friday April 28th from 5-8pm
  • 2702 NE 78th ST. Suite 106, Vancouver. 98662
  • light hors d’oeuvres served
  • specified art will be for sale.
  • Art remains on walls of our practice until May 26th. If you can’t make opening night don’t worry, we got you covered 😉 Come by any time during business hours.

Hope to see you all there!


Art Show 2016 Flyer



Girl Scout Troop comes to visit The Modern Orthodontist!

Welcome Troop 40968!

We love opening our doors to the community!  It was so fun to have a local Girl Scout troop here to learn and explore and create with us. This is such a fun thing for us to do. It’s connecting us to those around us and it’s educating our community.  The first question we asked the troop was “who knows what an orthodontist is?” and their hands shot up! Most already had an idea of what an orthodontist was and so it was fun to build on their already budding knowledge and create a moment where they were able to increase their “know” and build on their foundation.  It was an evening of fun!

1st stop… lets go back to the clinic and have a pow-wow! and while doing that let’s discuss impressions and what we use them for in our office and how we do them.  In fact, lets all take an impression… OF OUR FINGER! ;)) here we go….

HDP_4475 HDP_4485 HDP_4489 HDP_4495 HDP_4480HDP_4497 HDP_4479HDP_4506 HDP_4511 HDP_4517HDP_4514 HDP_4519 HDP_4520 HDP_4521



HDP_4530 HDP_4531 HDP_4534 HDP_4536 HDP_4542 HDP_4594 HDP_4602 HDP_4610 HDP_4618 HDP_4620 HDP_4633HDP_4627HDP_4525


3rd stop… back to the clinic where we all got to pretend to be the Doctor and put on her coat, gloves and (clean) face masks 😉  (who knew this would be such a hit!?)





Final stop… lets have some education on teeth, flossing, braces, your smile, your confidence, your beauty, all the things that make you amazing! ….. and since we are into teeth…. lets start with your teeth ;))

HDP_4641 HDP_4556 HDP_4562


What a great evening spent with this troop who are interested in learning something new 😉



Big Thanks to Troop 40968 for spending your Tuesday night with us. Let’s do it again really soon!

If you are interested in learning more about the SW Washington Girl Scouts here is a link that will take you to their website. Girl Scouts of SW Washington

I wonder if they see themselves as “real artists?”

That’s a wrap!  Our TMO community calendar has been created and published and is already hanging on hundreds of walls in Clark County and beyond. Some of our artists gave calendars as gifts to grandparents, aunt, and uncles. Some shared with their friends.  I hope they all kept one for themselves 😉 A common thread with each and every one of these young artists was….  the smile on their face (and these were BIG smiles) when they saw their art work printed for the first time!!  We went into the classrooms of the chosen artists and each time, without fail, we had everyone’s attention until we pulled out the calendar and passed them around. We saw heads down and fingers frantically turning pages until they found THEIR art and the joy that escaped their mouths was priceless.  😉  Some might question why we do this?  This is why.  These kids saw themselves as “real artists.”  These kids saw their hard creative work printed in a calendar that people will be hanging in their homes or work place.  They instantly became relevant, legit artists and we love being a part of EVERY single part of the process.  The coolest thing was when their friends/colleagues/peers asked them to sign the calendar. How cool is that!?  They ARE real artists. period.


calendars3         jpg deliveries         deliveries-page-001

The Columbian and the Vancouver Business Journal did an article on these calendars

A great deal of time and creativity goes into our yearly calendars. Every time we do them (and this is our 4th annual btw) we are surprised and impressed with the quality of art that is submitted.  While we shouldn’t be surprised, we continueally are. What’s most surprising to us is the age of our young artists and the abilities they have.  Such amazing talent.

The writer, Sarah, for the VBJ hit the proverbial “nail on the head” when she wrote in her article, and I quote, ” With a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a minor in art, Dr. Schnepper had considered bucking the family tradition of dentistry (both of her grandfathers as well as her father and uncle were dentists) and entering into research. Her father had also imagined she would branch out, but suggested orthodontics because of her enthusiasm for art.”    So what does Dr Schnepper do? She transforms smiles into a piece of art.  She is talented, amazing, kind, generous and inspiring.  She inspired 100’s this year alone with this calendar and will inspire 100’s more next year, and the next and the next.

If you want to be in the 2017 calendar start your engines now….. we already have submissions and they just keep coming. ;))


Clark County: Artwork by Hannah Berrigan, a CAM Academy sophomore, that was one of 13 pictures selected for a community calendar by Dr. Gretchen Schnepper and The Modern Orthodontist.
Clark County: Artwork by Hannah Berrigan, a CAM Academy sophomore, that was one of 13 pictures selected for a community calendar by Dr. Gretchen Schnepper and The Modern Orthodontist.
Clark County: Artwork by Ellie Ritter, a sixth-grader at Tukes Valley Middle School, that was one of 13 pictures selected for a community calendar by Dr. Gretchen Schnepper and The Modern Orthodontist.
Clark County: Artwork by Ellie Ritter, a sixth-grader at Tukes Valley Middle School, that was one of 13 pictures selected for a community calendar by Dr. Gretchen Schnepper and The Modern Orthodontist.

Check out some of our latest reviews!

“I truly can’t imagine a better experience. Dr. Schnepper and the ladies at The Modern Orthodontist were simply fantastic. The service, friendliness, professionalism and personal touches just blew me away. My son now has a beautiful new smile and I’m so grateful”

-Adrienne F.

“The Modern Orthodontist lives up to its name. Dr. Schnepper has created a cutting edge environment for her patients to enjoy, and coupled it with most recent methods of orthodontia. What could be better? My daughter, who is shy, felt comfortable while in their care and was happy to attend her appointments. She responded well to their encouragement and gentle accountability for caring for her teeth and braces. I loved the text reminders and the genuine friendliness of the staff and Doctor. My daughter loves her new smile, it has changed her life! Without hesitation I highly recommend The Modern Orthodontist to all who need braces. The experience of having braces is NOT like it use to be, at least, not at The Modern Orthodontist”

-Diane H.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Schnepper and her staff. They are a wonderful and caring team. Our entire experience from start to finish has been exceptional!!! We’re looking forward to working with them again in the near future for our other daughter.”

-Nicki O.

” My daughter got her braces off today and could not be happier! The entire process from consultation to retainer were very smooth and personal. I appreciated that we also took in my son and they were honest about him not needing braces.”


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