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Girl Scout Troop comes to visit The Modern Orthodontist!

Welcome Troop 40968!

We love opening our doors to the community!  It was so fun to have a local Girl Scout troop here to learn and explore and create with us. This is such a fun thing for us to do. It’s connecting us to those around us and it’s educating our community.  The first question we asked the troop was “who knows what an orthodontist is?” and their hands shot up! Most already had an idea of what an orthodontist was and so it was fun to build on their already budding knowledge and create a moment where they were able to increase their “know” and build on their foundation.  It was an evening of fun!

1st stop… lets go back to the clinic and have a pow-wow! and while doing that let’s discuss impressions and what we use them for in our office and how we do them.  In fact, lets all take an impression… OF OUR FINGER! ;)) here we go….

HDP_4475 HDP_4485 HDP_4489 HDP_4495 HDP_4480HDP_4497 HDP_4479HDP_4506 HDP_4511 HDP_4517HDP_4514 HDP_4519 HDP_4520 HDP_4521



HDP_4530 HDP_4531 HDP_4534 HDP_4536 HDP_4542 HDP_4594 HDP_4602 HDP_4610 HDP_4618 HDP_4620 HDP_4633HDP_4627HDP_4525


3rd stop… back to the clinic where we all got to pretend to be the Doctor and put on her coat, gloves and (clean) face masks 😉  (who knew this would be such a hit!?)





Final stop… lets have some education on teeth, flossing, braces, your smile, your confidence, your beauty, all the things that make you amazing! ….. and since we are into teeth…. lets start with your teeth ;))

HDP_4641 HDP_4556 HDP_4562


What a great evening spent with this troop who are interested in learning something new 😉



Big Thanks to Troop 40968 for spending your Tuesday night with us. Let’s do it again really soon!

If you are interested in learning more about the SW Washington Girl Scouts here is a link that will take you to their website. Girl Scouts of SW Washington

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I wonder if they see themselves as “real artists?”

That’s a wrap!  Our TMO community calendar has been created and published and is already hanging on hundreds of walls in Clark County and beyond. Some of our artists gave calendars as gifts to grandparents, aunt, and uncles. Some shared with their friends.  I hope they all kept one for themselves 😉 A common thread with each and every one of these young artists was….  the smile on their face (and these were BIG smiles) when they saw their art work printed for the first time!!  We went into the classrooms of the chosen artists and each time, without fail, we had everyone’s attention until we pulled out the calendar and passed them around. We saw heads down and fingers frantically turning pages until they found THEIR art and the joy that escaped their mouths was priceless.  😉  Some might question why we do this?  This is why.  These kids saw themselves as “real artists.”  These kids saw their hard creative work printed in a calendar that people will be hanging in their homes or work place.  They instantly became relevant, legit artists and we love being a part of EVERY single part of the process.  The coolest thing was when their friends/colleagues/peers asked them to sign the calendar. How cool is that!?  They ARE real artists. period.


calendars3         jpg deliveries         deliveries-page-001

The Columbian and the Vancouver Business Journal did an article on these calendars

A great deal of time and creativity goes into our yearly calendars. Every time we do them (and this is our 4th annual btw) we are surprised and impressed with the quality of art that is submitted.  While we shouldn’t be surprised, we continueally are. What’s most surprising to us is the age of our young artists and the abilities they have.  Such amazing talent.

The writer, Sarah, for the VBJ hit the proverbial “nail on the head” when she wrote in her article, and I quote, ” With a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a minor in art, Dr. Schnepper had considered bucking the family tradition of dentistry (both of her grandfathers as well as her father and uncle were dentists) and entering into research. Her father had also imagined she would branch out, but suggested orthodontics because of her enthusiasm for art.”    So what does Dr Schnepper do? She transforms smiles into a piece of art.  She is talented, amazing, kind, generous and inspiring.  She inspired 100’s this year alone with this calendar and will inspire 100’s more next year, and the next and the next.

If you want to be in the 2017 calendar start your engines now….. we already have submissions and they just keep coming. ;))


Clark County: Artwork by Hannah Berrigan, a CAM Academy sophomore, that was one of 13 pictures selected for a community calendar by Dr. Gretchen Schnepper and The Modern Orthodontist.
Clark County: Artwork by Hannah Berrigan, a CAM Academy sophomore, that was one of 13 pictures selected for a community calendar by Dr. Gretchen Schnepper and The Modern Orthodontist.
Clark County: Artwork by Ellie Ritter, a sixth-grader at Tukes Valley Middle School, that was one of 13 pictures selected for a community calendar by Dr. Gretchen Schnepper and The Modern Orthodontist.
Clark County: Artwork by Ellie Ritter, a sixth-grader at Tukes Valley Middle School, that was one of 13 pictures selected for a community calendar by Dr. Gretchen Schnepper and The Modern Orthodontist.

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Check out some of our latest reviews!

“I truly can’t imagine a better experience. Dr. Schnepper and the ladies at The Modern Orthodontist were simply fantastic. The service, friendliness, professionalism and personal touches just blew me away. My son now has a beautiful new smile and I’m so grateful”

-Adrienne F.

“The Modern Orthodontist lives up to its name. Dr. Schnepper has created a cutting edge environment for her patients to enjoy, and coupled it with most recent methods of orthodontia. What could be better? My daughter, who is shy, felt comfortable while in their care and was happy to attend her appointments. She responded well to their encouragement and gentle accountability for caring for her teeth and braces. I loved the text reminders and the genuine friendliness of the staff and Doctor. My daughter loves her new smile, it has changed her life! Without hesitation I highly recommend The Modern Orthodontist to all who need braces. The experience of having braces is NOT like it use to be, at least, not at The Modern Orthodontist”

-Diane H.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Dr. Schnepper and her staff. They are a wonderful and caring team. Our entire experience from start to finish has been exceptional!!! We’re looking forward to working with them again in the near future for our other daughter.”

-Nicki O.

” My daughter got her braces off today and could not be happier! The entire process from consultation to retainer were very smooth and personal. I appreciated that we also took in my son and they were honest about him not needing braces.”


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Halloween Candy Buy Back

Halloween 2015 here we come!

Every year the kids (and lets be honest here, some adults) spend a lot of their free time dreaming up the coolest costume ever!  What a thrill it is to dress up and do the annual trick or treating with your family and friends.  The community loves handing out treats to the super scary witch or coolest Mario or the latest super hero. halloween gools

If you’re anything like me…. all the candy that the kids come home with can be a bit overwhelming. I have 4 children and we get quite the haul.  If I’m honest here, my first thought is “I hope there is Reese’s peanut butter cups in there…” hahaha and then, my first RATIONAL thought is,… “I don’t want my kids eating all THAT candy!”

We’ve come up to a solution to that problem….. Candy Buy Back!

Untitled design

What’s that you say?  Candy buy back is when you bring your kids WITH THEIR CANDY to our office on Monday November 4th between 9:00-4:30pm and we buy the candy from your scary witch, Mario.. or super hero (no costumes needed this time though)  😉  We will pay them $1.00 for EVERY pound they bring, up to $10.00!  We will take the giant bin of candy that we buy from the kids and donate it to the local firefighters!  And, just to sweeten the deal, we are donating $1.00 for every $1.00 spent to buy back candy, to a local charity in Battle Ground that offers housing and services for Homeless Women who are pregnant or have children. The name of the charity is Moms Place Maternity, you should look them up on Facebook 😉

1st Annual Candy Buy Back and it’s gonna be spooky… err scary…. err awesome!

….. now I need to find a costume 😉




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Calling all artists!

“The human brain is built for art appreciation.”  The Wall Street Journal reports it’s a “natural biological process.”

The Modern Orthodontist (Dr. Schnepper and team) is calling all artists to create a piece of art  for our 2016 Calendar.

How cool would it be to have your art work displayed in our annual TMO calendar?  All submissions will be included. If you are selected to be featured on one of the months, not only will you win a prize, but you will also get enough calendars to give to all your classmates.

Please make sure you create your art (all medias accepted!) on a 8×10 page in landscape format. You can either bring it by the office or email it to

Because art is great for the brain and because your brain is used every single day, makes perfect sense that Dr. Schnepper would want to encourage that relationship and help you feel inspired and your art appreciated by being published in the TMO calendar!  It’s such a great feeling and experience to see your “work” displayed in such a fun and useful format.

I say we listen to the Wall Street Journal and get our art on!

calendars 2016 with kid

Stop in or call for more details!  The Modern Orthodontist 2702 NE 78th St. Vancouver, Wa 98665 360-260-5113

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