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What makes us “The Modern Orthodontist?” In part, it is Dr. Schnepper’s passion for art. She designed the office to look like a modern art museum. Throughout the office, we proudly display the art of local artists and students from the Vancouver School District.

We are also dedicated to providing the most up-to-date technology and treatment techniques. We have a 3D x-ray machine. By using this machine, we can take one image to create 2 x-rays, which reduces radiation exposure. The 3D x-ray also shows exactly how a tooth is situated in three dimensions, so we can see problems that might not be visible in the old 2D x-rays.

We use Damon brackets. These brackets have doors that hold the wire in. Since they don’t use the old style color ties, they have less friction and the teeth move easier. Although old ties get stretched out, the doors on Damon brackets do not, which means that they only need to be adjusted every 8-10 weeks instead of 6 every weeks. This can save up to 4 appointments over a 2 year treatment. Color ties sit against the teeth and create a place for plaque to hide. Damon brackets don’t have ties so it’s much easier to keep teeth clean.

We place brackets using an indirect bonding tray. We take an impression and then create a model. Dr. Schnepper then places the brackets on the model in the exact position needed for treatment. A tray is made that holds the brackets and all the brackets are bonded at one time. This means you don’t have to hold your mouth open as each individual bracket is placed. It’s more accurate for us and much more comfortable for you.

For patients who don’t want to wear braces we offer aligner treatment such as Invisalign or Orchestrate. For patients who have molars that are not in the ideal Class I position we have appliances that are worn in the mouth. This means no cumbersome headgear strap going around your head. We also offer Acceledent, an appliance which can speed up treatment time by 30-50%.

Our entire staff takes continuing education classes to keep up to date on new techniques and products so we can offer the best choices to our patients. All of us at the modern orthodontist strive to grow as professionals as our practice grows.

We combine modern technology with skillful artistry to provide you with the beautiful smile you deserve. It is our vision to provide this valuable service with an experience that wows you every step of the way.

Category "Our Office"

Community Involvement

We love being a part of our community and participate in many different ways. In 2011, we created a Partners in Education program to support our local schools and help them with their budget cuts. For each patient that begins full treatment, we donate $100 to their school. We sponsor our patients’ sports teams, biking teams, art programs, fundraising efforts, and trips. We also donate gift baskets to various school auctions.

We put on a fall and spring art show for the Vancouver Schools. We display the students’ art and have an evening art show. The students set their prices and receive the full payment for any pieces that sell. Our spring show featuring 7 local middle schools is the largest art show showcasing middle school student’s art.

We have Girl Scouts come to our office for a tour and set up a variety of fun interactive stations. We review proper brushing and oral hygiene, nutrition, what an orthodontist is and have an fun art project. The troop also get make plaster molds of their fingers and have the opportunity to receive an orthodontic screening. We also discuss women owned businesses. Every member of the troop receives a dental health badge and is sent home with a healthy snack and a goodie bag of oral hygiene supplies.

During dental health month, we visit schools to do a visual demonstration on dental health and orthodontics. During the demonstration, we discuss what an orthodontist does, fun tooth facts and how to care for your teeth. We also discuss healthy eating and what schooling is required to become an orthodontist.

It is our goal to be more than just a place to get braces. We want to help make our community the best it can be!

Category "Our Office"

Top 10 reasons to choose The Modern Orthodontist

We think you’ll love our office and staff.  Here are the top 10 reasons our patients choose The Modern Orthodontist

1. Our experienced doctor is a Certified Specialist in Orthodontics with two years additional training following dental school and is committed to ongoing continuing education for herself and her staff.

2. We respect and focus on the individual needs of each and every patient including quality care, evening and Friday appointments, and after-hours comfort visits. We are committed to encouraging exceptional oral hygiene promoting long-term dental health.

3. Our friendly and personable staff is highly experienced. Patients appreciate the talent and skill level of our certified orthodontic assistants and their dedication to communication of ongoing progress throughout treatment.

4. A warm and inviting environment at our modern office located within two miles of I-5 and I-205.

5. Patient Rewards program that offers a wide variety of prizes in addition to exciting monthly interactive contests.

6. Active participation in the local community through our Partners in Education Program as well as support of youth theater and team sports.

7. Artwork featuring local artists and patient art as well as a unique art and puzzle station for our patients and families.

8. State-of-the-art office featuring sterilization area with strict adherence to sterilization protocols.

9. 3D digital radiographs to reduce radiation concerns and cutting-edge paperless patient records to increase efficiency and minimize our carbon footprint.

10. Payment plans that fit every budget because everyone deserves a beautiful smile.

Category "Our Office"

Our Mission Statement

  • We consider The Modern Orthodontist team a family and we want our patients to feel like a part of this family. We take pride in taking care of ourselves so we can take the absolute best care of you. It is our goal to consistently exceed your expectations regarding patient care and customer service.
  • We value your time and strive to provide excellent care in an efficient manner.
  • We will provide this care in a fun and friendly environment designed to encourage the artist in all of us.
  • We will keep up to date with continued education and modern technology so we grow as professionals as our practice grows.
  • We believe strongly in supporting our community through hosting art shows, donating to schools and sponsoring our patients in their extracurricular activities.
  • We combine modern technology with skillful artistry to provide you, our orthodontic family, with the beautiful smile you deserve. It is our vision to provide this valuable service with an experience that wows you every step of the way.

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